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Local Online Solutions was recommended to me by a friend of mine who hired them  and who seems happy with them. She's a realtor. She told me she was selling more of her listings with her advertising ever since she let them set up their re-targeting ad system for her ads. She told me their setup and monthly ad management fees were a good deal and affordable.

So here I am, and here's my experience with them so far. I was struggling to get people to go to my website to learn about our services.  There really are quite a few people who need a good house cleaning service.  That's why I'm in this business.

Anyway, we weren't having a lot of luck in getting people to call us.  Even after spending almost $5,000 on local radio ads. I tried everything I could think of, and  even paid a lot  for Google Ads.  I was getting frustrated and that's why I went to Sally, the realtor I told you about earlier?

She seemed busier than ever and seemed to be making a lot of money, too.  She told me to watch a video on Local Online Solution's website. Well,  After watching the 45 minute training webinar on how advertising can be enhanced with re-targeting, or re-marketing strategies,  I had one of those ah-ha moments. You know, When it all starts to make sense.

So, I emailed them for a free consultation and they got back to me the next day to get info about my website and learn about the type of advertising I was doing .  Now don't get me wrong.  I was doing advertising on Google Ads. I just wasn't too happy with my return on investment.  Anyway, I figured I better get some help.

Long story short,  a week later, I decided to let them manage my advertising and marketing for three months as sort of a trial. It took them almost another week to set everything up.  I was a little skeptical at first,  mostly because it all seemed so complicated. I like clean simple things that get results. That's just me.  But, It all turned out to be pretty easy in the end though.

Bruce's fulfillment team made it easy for me by managing all the details of setting all these pixel ads up and making sure they all worked  together online.  My ads would follow my website visitors around the web, no matter where they went. I thought that was pretty neat.

I had no idea about changing out my ads every so often so viewers wouldn't get ad blindness  and when they did that to match our calendar;  WOW! More people clicked on our ads and visited my website to learn more about our cleaning services.

Bruce told me that I wouldn't have to spend more than $5 per day.  He was right.  In fact, it was closer to  $4 per day.  That was proof enough for me.

The results they got with their re-marketing pixel strategy couldn't have been better. I'm not sure how they do it.  But now,  I don't really care how it works. Their fulfillment team has driven my ROI sky high with it. I plan to add this to my mix of local radio ads and business group presentations.

My client base has grown consistently every month for the past 6 months and I'm getting more leads for my House Cleaning Service to follow up with every week.  I plan to keep their service going and use it with all my online ads.  The added monthly cost of their re-targeting service really is worth it in my opinion.  

I've even had to hire more people to keep up. They save me a ton of time and expense.  Their setup, management and especially their reporting each month and quarter is outstanding!

They are now the top advertising and marketing resource I recommend to others looking for professional management of their online advertising efforts.

Lisa Kane - CEO, Kane's Cleaning Service


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